Jordan Code





So that various administrative software design Based on a preliminary analysis of the need and the size of the institution
Including salaries and personnel system, POS system, warehousing system, system
Archiving, accounting system, customer service system, membership of sports clubs System,
Production control, management system - Car Rental, hospital management system, pharmacy system,
Management system - performance evaluation, system Send Aemialat, know the system - the recruitment, management system
- Maids, administrative system - law firms, management system - the education sector (schools).

Programs and regulations mentioned in place either:

Web Application or Windows Application

Design and development of electronic sites:
Work on the best e-marketing techniques and modern in the field of web design
Information technology to meet the needs and the nature of the institution.

Profile design CD (CD Presentation):
A memory stick graphical contain several pages: Information about the company and copies of
The company and its services and offers a unique and attractive.

Marketing Website:
Work on marketing the website of the institution and change its content and designs
Vlacath and in line with the official events and holidays.
Launch an ad campaign electronic (E-Marketing):
It made its launch in conjunction with the advertising campaign and different times, so that will be advertising and publicity for the institution in various forums and social networking sites like "Facebook" in addition to sending
"Email Shot" to a group of titles that are carefully selected to include the target group.

Service (SMS):
Package will be sent SMS messages to certain age groups and sectors of business
Various surrounding areas as needed.

Insert organization name in the electronic directory (Jordan Clue) for the entire year:
Through the directory will reach more groups in society through the integrated distribution of this
Guide as a comprehensive guide to all the vital sectors in Jordan so that it contains a series
Large shops and companies, hospitals, restaurants, banks, hotels, etc.,
So will ensure the existence of your organization's name known among the various commercial sectors in Jordan.